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Wood is a heat insulator, which means that wooden windows do not transmit heat from the room to the outside.

Thanks to the developed production technology, they are very durable and functional. The wood on the windows is glued in layers, thanks to which the windows do not warp or twist, which allows for long operation. Given the long life of wooden windows, they are financially very profitable. Modern window constructions meet all requirements for heat transfer, soundproofing and resistance to external weather conditions. Wooden windows combined with specialized glazing and appropriate fittings meet high requirements for protection against the sun, burglary, noise and fire. We paint the windows with ecological glazing and opaque varnishes. Azure painted windows are characterized by the natural appearance of the window due to the visible wood structure. Wooden windows do not charge electrostatically.

- laminated window material ensures stability and durability,
- standard window thickness 68 mm,
- 86 mm energy-saving windows thickness,
- ROTO envelope fittings ensure trouble-free closing and opening of the window,
- insulated glass units from GLASPOL (Saint-Globain). Insulating, anti-burglary, sound-absorbing, double-chamber glass, etc.
- wooden frames are painted with environmentally friendly water-based impregnations and azures that are very durable. We use impregnates from SIKKENS (azure and covering paints from the Ral palette),
- we use two SCHLEGEL gaskets in the windows to improve thermal tightness as well as to reduce noise penetration from the house environment,
- for better drainage of water from the window we use aluminum drip caps from GUTMANN.